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Indulge in the Cafecito Flavor

Delicious, Authentic Latin Cuisine Catering Services for All Occasions

Coffee Cart Catering

Below you can find more details about out coffee cart catering packages as well as prices. All packages require a $150 nonrefundable deposit in order to reserve slot.

Traditional Packages

Quick & Memorable

1 hour @ 200

Perfect for small, intimate gatherings or as a special feature in larger events, our 1-hour coffee service is both quick and memorable. It offers your guests a taste of El Cafecito's exquisite coffee, served with the expertise and charm that only our baristas can provide. 

Savor the Moment

The Ultimate Coffee Celebration

2 hours @ 300

Ideal for events where coffee plays a central role, our 2-hour package extends the pleasure. Your guests can savor a variety of lattes and brews, each one crafted to perfection. With more time to indulge, the coffee experience becomes a key part of your event's ambiance.

3 hours @ 400

When you desire coffee to be the centerpiece of your event, our 3-hour package is the impeccable choice. It's an invitation to a lavish celebration of coffee, where every guest’s preference is indulged. This package promises not just a beverage service, but a full-fledged coffee festival, replete with variety, luxury, and unmatched quality.

Wedding Packages

Espresso Your Love

1 hour @ 300

Our "Espresso Your Love" package offers a delightful hour of up to 45 handcrafted lattes, accompanied by a gallon of our signature house blend or cold brew. We personalize this experience with a His/Her drink menu, echoing the unique story of your special day. Should you crave additional delights like pastries, we're more than happy to accommodate them

Brewed Together

Caffeine & Commitment

2 hours @ 400

For a more extended celebration, our "Brewed Together" package brings two hours of coffee elegance. This option includes 80 exquisite lattes and two gallons of our premium brew, perfect for sharing with every guest. The personalized His/Her coffee menu adds an intimate touch, reflecting the essence of your union.

3 hours @ 550

For those grand occasions, our "Caffeine & Commitment" package offers three hours of coffee indulgence. With 100 lattes and three gallons of our finest brew, it's a true extravaganza. This package also features personalized cups, creating lasting memories for your guests alongside the custom His/Her drink menu.

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